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The Violence of Mexican Drug Cartels

January 18, 2013


A bitterly violent war against Mexican Drug Cartels wages on across the U.S. border. Tens of thousands are being murdered, and over a million are being forced to flee their homes. U.S. laws and policy play a major role in the conflict’s violence. This video is about understanding the complexities of the war and why […]

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Mexican President Nieto Marijuana Tourism and the Drug War

January 2, 2013


Mexican Marijuana Tourism

Mexican President Nieto has an interesting idea… “If I legalize marijuana in Mexico, the drug cartels will become and American problem and our tourism will skyrocket.” We have been saying this for years! The day that Mexico stops being the lapdog of the United States and looks out for its own best interest… Will be […]

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Mexican Marijuana High: Hello From Old Mexico

September 26, 2011


Mexican Marijuana High

I wonder if this is related to the ‘put that in your pipe and smoke it’ expression? via: Cannabist & Ehost

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