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Take Me to Your Dealer – Alien Glass Pipe

June 8, 2011


So that’s why they’re here… via BitchesAndWeed

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Effects of Marijuana on the Brain (Infographic)

June 6, 2011


How Marijuana Affects the Brain

Cannabis, or marijuana as the brainwashed masses refer to it, effects the human body in many ways.  This post, and the infographic below it, is more specifically about the effects of marijuana on the brain.  Despite what your government tells you, the human brain has evolved to accept, and use THC.  In fact, every vertebrate [...]

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Netherlands closes coffee shops to tourists

June 2, 2011


What is the first thing that most North Americans think of when considering traveling to the Netherlands? Some people think of tulips, windmills, and bicycles.  These are a mandatory and unavoidable part of the Dutch experience. Some people think of the famous Red Light District located in one of the most beautiful and oldest parts [...]

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Ten Major Health Benefits of Marijuana

May 26, 2011


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High Life Marijuana Wallpaper in HD 720p

October 8, 2010


Marijuana High Life 2 Custom Desktop Wallpaper Cannagraphic Tagged: cannabis high life marijuana wallpaper Related articles Best of Stoner Rock and Weed Songs: Marijuana Music Videos (420tribune.com) Cypress Hill Smoking the World’s Largest Bong (therapup.net)

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Marijuana vs Tobacco in America: State by State Infographic

May 14, 2010


Put Out That Butt and Smoke a Bud! Tobacco Causes Many Forms of Cancer, Marijuana on the Other Hand Does Not! So next time you decide to light one up, please consider the implications. PS the revenuers are coming, the revenuers are coming…

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