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Cannabis Counter Culture: Stoners Vs. Ravers

January 24, 2014


Stoner Vs. Raver

Teenage society is an extremely weird place in life.  There are many different clicks or stereotypes for you to be a part of, whether you like it or not.  These groups are often judged by their dress, hair, hobbies, music and drug preferences. So, lets take a look at the polar opposites of this world; […]

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ET Smoked Home and Aliens Support Marijuana Legalization, If You Grow it They Will Come

June 5, 2012


Pipe Smoking Alien Crop Circle England

It seems the extra terrestrial visitors want us to grow more cannabis crops for their art. The alien phoned home and said if we grow it, they will come. ET Smoking a Pipe Crop Circle photo taken in Cherhill, England, GB by our friend @Nocturbulous [aka @GraffitiArtGeek] on Flickr

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Drugs are Fun! American Anti Drug Commercial

November 27, 2011


A satirical commercial advocating drug use by mocking old anti-drug PSAs Public Service Announcements…. what a fun way to spend your day.

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Cannabis: Persecuted Pot Plant Picture

October 25, 2011



“Sorry I’m Illegal” is the statement, but the reasons marijuana is illegal make no sense… Why such a simple plant is so feared I will never understand. Potted plants are ok but pot plants are persecuted, go figure.

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Grow In The USA: Uncle Sam Wants You To

September 30, 2011



Hemp and cannabis are an American tradition, Uncle Sam says so… Grown in the USA via: Cannabist by:Miles Anderson

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Mexican Marijuana High: Hello From Old Mexico

September 26, 2011


Mexican Marijuana High

I wonder if this is related to the ‘put that in your pipe and smoke it’ expression? via: Cannabist & Ehost

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