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Cannabis Counter Culture: Stoners Vs. Ravers

January 24, 2014


Stoner Vs. Raver

Teenage society is an extremely weird place in life.  There are many different clicks or stereotypes for you to be a part of, whether you like it or not.  These groups are often judged by their dress, hair, hobbies, music and drug preferences. So, lets take a look at the polar opposites of this world; […]

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Igethighalotitis the Medical Condition

November 14, 2012

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I get high a lot itis

I Get High A Lot Itis I wonder if this can get you a green card? [via Justin Barber]

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ET Smoked Home and Aliens Support Marijuana Legalization, If You Grow it They Will Come

June 5, 2012


Pipe Smoking Alien Crop Circle England

It seems the extra terrestrial visitors want us to grow more cannabis crops for their art. The alien phoned home and said if we grow it, they will come. ET Smoking a Pipe Crop Circle photo taken in Cherhill, England, GB by our friend @Nocturbulous [aka @GraffitiArtGeek] on Flickr

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The Stoned Professor: A Lecture in High History

April 20, 2012


If every teacher was this cool, I may have stayed in school, forever! Just in case you have browsers issues we have included all of the ‘Stoned Professor’ videos individually too. This is ‘one of those things’ you just shouldn’t miss. An intelligent history lecture from a guy who is high! Stoned Professor Part 1 […]

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I Inhaled So Much Smoke: Fireman Treated for Smoke Inhalation… Is Stoned!

April 2, 2012


I remember saying when I was a kid “I want to be a fireman” and I remember saying when I was young “I want that fire man”… Now this guy, he gets the best of both worlds. How cool is that? He is a fireman, and gets to inhale that fire man. What an awesome […]

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DRUNKS vs. HIGHS the Game Show

December 19, 2011


Is it better to be drunk or high? The age old question is finally answered…. in a foam pit.

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