Ten Major Health Benefits of Marijuana

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  1. aera Says:

    Pot was made illegal in North America because of the timber industry, which “big wigs” at the time had a lot of money invested into. The fear was of hemp and it’s potential to replace wood because of it’s ease and rate of growth, as well as the benefits of hemp over wood. They needed quick propaganda that would keep people away from cannabis, and chose to demonize pot smoking. So, the politics behind making pot illegal had absolutely nothing to do with the safety of the citizens, and everything to do with the monopoly of building supplies.

    We don’t need to prove that cannabis has health benefits in order for it to be reasonably legalized, we don’t even have to prove that it is completely harmless since alcohol and cigarettes are both legal and both have adverse health affects. It is being held down simply because of the propaganda that it is a “gate way drug” to those drugs that actually are severely dangerous. Until the government acknowledges that (previously) they used fear tactics in order to gain profit, pot will never be legalized. What do you suppose the chances are that the American government will ever admit they were wrong?

    I’m sick of the way we fight for the legalization of cannabis. Our methods are not getting us anywhere. Their is obviously an overwhelming amount of evidence that pot deserves, and that society will benefit from it’s legalization. However that isn’t the problem. We need to call the government on its bluff. We need to use their history against them and get them to admit to the reasons that pot was first made illegal. The only way we will get anywhere is by confronting the real problem, which is the arrogance and over controlling nature of the west.

  2. Connor Says:

    I suffer from severe migraines and marijuana treats the pain considerably. I also suffered from minor tourettes syndrome, suffered as in past tense because daily marijuana usage has completely eradicated the symptoms. To refer to someone who smokes weed as a criminal is truly one of the most ridiculous fabrications of modern-day society.

  3. ugh Says:

    to aera:

    the claim that marijuana is a gateway drug is NOT a “propaganda” created by the government. The government may use the claim as a major excuse as to why it should not be legalized, but it is MOST definitely a gateway drug. Just so that we’re clear.

  4. RationalD Says:

    RE: to aera

    The people are not ever going to sway a government decision. ONLY MONEY CAN DO THAT. With that said, these “Big Wigs” you are talking about are not blind, they see the potential cas cow that is medical marijuana. This is why it will be legalized and it will be a billion dollar industry easy.

  5. Al Says:

    Sadly the Alzheimer’s argument has already been disproved by the UBC Faculty of Medicine : /. Marijuana actually slightly increases the effects of Alzheimer’s.

  6. WeedGenius Says:

    RE: to ugh

    It has been scientifically proven that weed is not a gateway drug. There is nothing in the drug that makes people want to go on to harder drugs. The only reason people do is because of prohibition. You’re welcome. And please, for the sake of the people, stop being such a dumb bitch.

    Thank You,


  7. Skeptical Says:

    RE: RationalD

    I agree with you that only money will sway the decision on this issue, however, there is NO money to be made by big corporations in medical marijuana. The reason is that marijuana is medically effective in its natural form; there is no need to chemically alter or tweak THC to make it beneficial, and natural plants cannot be legally patented so pharmaceutical companies can make no money off of marijuana. There IS a lot of money to be made in the hemp industry, but since the industry doesn’t exist in this country yet it doesn’t have the money to persuade politicians away from the side of the pharmaceutical, plastics, oil, alcohol, tobacco, timber, and textiles companies, the DEA, private prisons, lawyers, etc. who all make an enormous amount of money of marijuana staying illegal.

  8. Anti-Ugh Says:

    @Ugh…. You are very dumb. I don’t know anyone that went on to hard drugs because they smoked pot… Where is your evidence? What are your credentials? If anything marijuana can help people ween themselves off of harder drugs. Know your facts before you make an ass of yourself. Do you think that if you wipe weed of the face of the Earth, people will stop doing coke and heroine and all that? I think without pot more people would do the other,harder drugs. You are delusional… Just so that we’re clear.


  9. Anti-Ugh Says:

    @Weedgenius. You have a good point. But The same people who do those hard drugs would do them regardless of whether or not they ever smoked pot. They aren’t victims of a gateway drug. They are simply…. Morons. If you see someone strung out on heroine and you decide to try it. You are dumb. Simple as that. Some people just don’t learn anyway but the hard way. You don’t blame weed because it’s all he had access to as a dumb teenager. You blame the person who did the hardcore addictive drug, knowing the risks. There is no risk of addiction with marijuana. And if you don’t smoke it then just stay out of the debate. I smoke it…. Haven’t had any at all today and it is almost midnight. I’m not going into withdrawals… Its not really a big deal. I enjoy it. But I won’t get strung out if I don’t have any. I won’t steal or sell all my shit to get it. It is pretty harmless. Another thing nobody mentioned…. You can’t overdose on weed…. It has never happened in the history of the world. All the right wing bible thumpin’ anti-marijuana big mouths are just hating on something they know nothing of… Like usual. If it isn’t hurting you than mind your own damn business…. Don’t your parents teach you people manners and respect for others? Calling someone a criminal for something so harmless should be the crime. stop HATING what you know nothing of.

  10. Mushlaga Says:

    I think we can say that pot is currently a gateway drug, but that probably has a lot to do with the fact you get it from the same guys who sell these other potentially more harmful drugs.

    It wouldn’t be the same if everyone could get their weed at dispensaries.

  11. Parker Says:

    @ Mushlaga: You couldn’t be more wrong, dear. There are many, MANY potheads and dealers that would gladly remove tweekers and the likes from the streets in a fit of vigilante justice. Know where your supply is coming from. If you are buying from someone that has a hand in harder drugs, I advise you to find a new connection ASAP!
    For the record, I believe that ANYTHING can be a gateway drug. Blame the person, not the plant.

  12. Ash Says:

    I have suffered from anorexia for years and marijuana usage has benefited me beyond words.
    Aera has got it spot on, it was illegalised because of hemps amazing potential over timber industries, marijuana has been completely demonized. Nobody has ever died from it, you cant even become physically dependant on it, only psychologically but that varies with each individuals state of mental health.
    Also, it is not a gate-way drug, i know many people who use marijuana aswell and they have never used any other kinda of drugs, ever.
    Alas, it will take a completely new way of convincing the government for legilisation of marijuana, and unfortunately until we come up with one then marijuana probably won’t be legalised, except in medicinal uses.

  13. B Says:

    “ugh Says:
    July 4, 2011 at 3:11 am
    to aera:

    the claim that marijuana is a gateway drug is NOT a “propaganda” created by the government. The government may use the claim as a major excuse as to why it should not be legalized, but it is MOST definitely a gateway drug. Just so that we’re clear.”

    Are you fucking retarded? It was completely created as propaganda by the government. And there is no such thing as a “gateway” anything. Say I drink beer, it could be said I started with milk, we going to outlaw milk? cause obviously its a “gateway” like you claim. There is nothing in cannabis that causes people to want to other shit like heroin or coke. People move on to try other shit either because 1) they are basers that were fucked in life from the beginning. or 2) They smoke weed and realize they have been lied to all this time by the government so they assume they lied about other shit. This is why when it comes to medical subjects I do not listen to what the government tries to feed us, but the cold hard facts from legit scientists and other researchers.

  14. Tizayla Says:

    I think weed is truly helpful, my grandmother is a meth addict and the recovery rate is 3% now she only smokes weed, so thanks to weed, SHE IS NOT DEAD. And she is actually healthy.
    And i am add, and it does help to an extent, i still have trouble focusing when im high, but overall i feel more normal than hyped up, even when sober.
    So thank you weed :)

  15. niall Says:

    I think all this debate about whether or not it’s a gateway drug and the medical benefits vs harm is pointless. The issue is that a government has no right to tell it citizens what they can’t do in the privacy of their own home.
    The current prohibition on marijuana is no different to the prohibition on alcohol in the 20s.
    I just don’t understand what’s illegal about taking a small quantity of a naturally occuring plant, burning it, and breathing the fumes.
    I thought the law was meant to protect a citizen’s right to freedom, not to impede it.

  16. Bahaha Says:

    It IS a gateway drug…to the refrigerator. Bahaha! If you let it open a gateway to anything else that is your own weak mind. Not because a plant made u do it.

  17. kami Says:

    Time out. There’s no such thing as gateway drugs. People do drugs, and if they like them, they sometimes try different drugs and so on. It just happens to be that most people try weed first. I’ve smoked weed for years now and never went any further than psilocybin mushrooms. I love them both, but doesn’t mean I’m going to try crack anytime soon.
    Remember kids, biology not chemistry.

  18. Shaun Says:

    My brother used to smoke weed, because he got really bad migraines. Unforetunatley, the psycho effects that marijuana provide in later life (which has been proven to occur), happened much earlier in his life. Now, he is exetremely paranoid, and is constantly on edge, which has led to depression and the taking of prescribed medication. So, to me, weed is not a substance to be used to “cure” people of their ailments, but a drug that effects the workings of the human brain in later life.

    Its good that its illegal.

  19. dave Says:

    I live in Canada and blaze every day, and I blaim the US federal government for my country’s not legalizing it. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the US regulates weed on a per state basis and not federally right? That being the case, even if the Canadian electorate were to put a liberal or new democratic party government into power and the good stuff became legal on a Canadian federal level, I’m thinking the states would shut its border until it could find a way to correct the imbalance. In cities like Boston or NYC, a quarter ounce of dope goes for more than $100 while typically better stuff north of the “38th parallel” is expensive at $60.

  20. Lyn Says:

    Marijuana is illegal for two reasons, racism and greed. William Randolph Hearst hated the Mexicans because they ended up with some of his forest land during the war and he did not want the competition from hemp lowering the value of his remaining forests. He also claimed the marijuana smoking thing is what made the Mexicans so crazy. The DuPont company had just patented plastic, which they were using for rope and they, too, did not want the competition from hemp. The new drug Czar, Harry Anslinger, was trying to make a name for himself and fought with the other two to get legislation where it is today. So the three entities worked together and worked to make it illegal. The only congressional hearing held lasted twenty minutes, the only medical person to testify was on the pro-marijuana side and he was told to shut up and leave, and the rest is history. Hearst’s newspapers had printed articles falsely claimed the horrors of marijuana, which were used at the hearing to back up what they were testifying about. The whole ‘Reefer Madness’ thing was a propaganda ploy. It was all about greed and racism. Making it illegal would be no worse than legalizing alcohol, a much more dangerous, addicting drug. The pharmaceutical companies are fighting legalization now because they cannot figure out how to dose it and they know they will not be able to control personal production. More people than not are realizing just how stupid it is that marijuana remain an illegal substance, for those that don’t, you have my sympathies for being so backwards.


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